How Do You Eat Yours?

Tell us how you like to eat your Go Figa...

Go Figa_Yoghurt

I add a teaspoon of Go Figa to 0% Fat Greek Yoghurt and then add some honey and mixed seeds/nuts, It’s delicious and turns the yoghurt into an appetising lilac colour!

I have a major sweet tooth and Go Figa gives me my fix and satisfies any cravings I have. Instead of grabbing a chocolate bar I now grab Go Figa!

Robbie Mason


I add Go Figa to my smoothies, if I am short of ingredients I can add a small amount and it really spruces it up!

My favourite recipe is low fat natural yoghurt, a banana, a few strawberries, ice cubes and then a handful of bluberries. Finally I add the secret ingredient, Go Figa… I don’t feel the need to spend fortunes on different kinds of fruit because this already has them in!

Sig Watkins